‘Do More with Less’ program responds to printers’ current challenges

In the current market situation, folding carton and label printers are looking to redesign their production processes. They look for ways to reduce material waste, production time, ink/toner and electricity consumption while delivering the best quality. To address these concerns, Xeikon launches its ‘Do More with Less’ program, which provides customers with tangible ideas on how to tackle those challenges.

Paul Salmon, Xeikon’s Global Customer Success Manager, says, “In the special times we live in, printers face increased costs and shortage of materials. Xeikon’s Customer Success Managers across the globe are evaluating and implementing new methods and processes that have a tremendous impact on cost-effectiveness for Xeikon customers.”

The ‘Do More with Less’ program offers a range of actions that improve all aspects of the print production workflow: it helps to reduce lead time, minimise the amount of material waste, and keep ink/toner consumption and operator efforts to a minimum. It will be shared with customers during a dedicated Xeikon Café TV session and at the upcoming editions of the Xeikon Café in Europe and North America. Customers can book individual meetings with Xeikon experts to discuss their specific needs. Press operators are also invited to sit with Xeikon digital specialists and subject matter experts who will train them on how to minimise waste when setting up new, alternative substrates.

Salmon concludes, “There are many ways to ensure optimised performance of Xeikon printing equipment. Through close contact with our customers, we have gathered knowledge and shared it with our customers, but we also leverage it to further optimizse our technology. Our ‘Do More with Less’ program is the result of putting that knowledge into practice.”

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