Digital Inspection Table for Beamglow

Beamglow, one of the UK’s leading premium carton packaging suppliers, has added new strength to its operations in partnership with BOBST.

The relationship between Bobst and Beamglow, spanning more 40 years, has evolved with the latest integration of cutting-edge technology – the addition of the revolutionary Digital Inspection Table FC 106 (DIT) – a game-changer in its pursuit of quality and precision.

Beamglow has been a driving force in delivering folding cartons to the high-end spirits, cosmetics, and fragrance sectors for over five decades. The company has consistently embraced innovation, evident in its recent investments in Bobst solutions, including the MASTERFOIL 106 and EXPERTCUT 106 with Power Register.

Beyond its role in quality control, the DIT has become an essential tool for training, providing a visual representation of customer expectations and the business’s quality standards. This digital innovation has enabled operators, regardless of experience level, to achieve consistent and high-quality print results.

James Griffin, Projects Director, Beamglow, said, “The integration of a Bobst DIT is another step forward in our continuous improvement. With it, we’re able to identify issues that could otherwise have been missed, which is a huge benefit in luxury carton production. For example, we use the projected image to check the positioning, with layers that show whether what we’re embossing or debossing is accurate and precise, and the levels are consistent throughout. We can also check perforations to ensure that everything we produce is on-cut, which gives us more confidence in what we are die-cutting.”

To further enhance efficiency and support Beamglow’s vision of a paperless business, it has integrated Bobst’s Digital Make Ready Tool. This tool reduces makeready times and enhances machine setup efficiency and accuracy, enabling Beamglow to maximise uptime and further digitise and connect its packaging workflows.

Craig McGowan, Sales Manager, Bobst UK and Ireland, added, “Beamglow is one of the most accomplished businesses in its sector, and we enjoy a highly collaborative partnership. At Bobst, we see ourselves as partners treating every interaction with care and attention. The ongoing success of Beamglow shows why that’s such an important approach to take.”

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