Die-cutting of honeycomb board

Marbach offers its customers an extensive portfolio of cutting-dies. Among them are special tools that can be used to reliably die-cut even thick materials.

An innovative material that is increasingly being used as an alternative transport protection solution instead of plastic and styrofoam is honeycomb board. This is a lightweight yet very stable type of material due to its honeycomb-like structure.

Michael Kiesel, Sales Manager, Marbach, says, “Die-cutting honeycomb board poses special challenges for a cutting-die. It must be stable, resistant, and robust and must have very special features. This includes special tooth cutting rules, a suitable anvil, and a special ejector technology. The tool must be individually matched to the customer’s requirements and the honeycomb board being used. Only in this way can the tool best penetrate the thick material and deliver good die-cutting results.”

Marbach has decades of experience in die-cutting thick materials and can therefore provide its customers with optimum support.

More info about die-cutting honeycomb corrugated board is available here.

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