Die-cutting efficiency in the tobacco packaging process

Last year, Marbach introduced its two technologies crease – plate die|+ and crease plate die|rc – for die-cutting tobacco packaging. In the meantime, Marbach says large numbers of customers have successfully used crease plate die|+ and crease plate die|rc and are enthusiastic about the performance that can be achieved with these two new die solutions.

The crease plate die|+ is used for cigarette layouts such as hinge lid or bevel edge. This technology creases with a defined gauge block. This means that the make ready can be carried out precisely and the creasing is uniform. This has a positive effect on the quality of the packaging blanks and the packaging speeds. The crease plate die|rc solution has been specially developed for round corner packaging.

Bernhard Reisser, Director – Sector Folding Carton Industry, Marbach, says, “The special effect of round corner packaging is created by the fact that several creases are made close together when the packaging is cut. This looks great on the finished packaging, but places high demands on the tool. This is because round corner creases generate significantly different forces on the board than standard creases. If the creases cannot be made ready individually, it is almost impossible with some board materials to achieve high-quality cuts with the creasing specifications given by the end customer. But with our crease plate die|rc technology, we achieve exactly that: the make ready of the cross creases of a crease plate die can be decoupled from the round corner creases. This simplifies the make-ready of the cutting-die and the adjustment to the creasing parameters specified by the cigarette manufacturer, even with changing cardboard materials and variations in cardboard quality. This ensures high-quality round corner blanks with which the cigarette manufacturers’ high demands on packaging quality and packing speed can be optimally met.”

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