Die-cutter for GWP Packaging

UK-based GWP Packaging has invested £600K in updated die-cutting equipment at their Wiltshire production facility. A fully reconditioned Bobst SPO-1600 flat bed die cutter, plus chase loader, has been sourced through GTS (Europe) Ltd and Vim Selection.

Installed on 15th September, the re-conditioned equipment provides a number of benefits for GWP and reflects an increase in demand for die-cut products the company has seen over the past 18 months. The Bobst can handle all types of corrugated board, up to a sheet size of 1600 x 1100mm. It also has a run capacity of up to 6,000 sheets per hour and can be used to cut Correx as well.

James Pedley, Operations Manager at GWP Packaging said, “We have seen a great deal of growth for die-cut products in general and we needed to increase our production capacity in this area. Correx is also a growing market for us, so having a machine that can process the grade efficiently as well was a real bonus.”

He continues, “Choosing this large capacity machine also means we are able to consolidate some of our existing die-cutting equipment, helping to streamline the department and improve efficiency.”

The outlay follows a similar £1M investment in a new Latitude rotary die cutter in late 2015, which was also facilitated by GTS (Europe).

Ruth Cook, Managing Director of GWP Group commented, “We can see clear value in continually investing in equipment and infrastructure. Not only does this ensure we maintain an efficient and modern production environment, but allows us to increase capacity to meet rising demand whilst maintaining the consistent high quality of product our customers rely on.”

Ruth Cook, Managing Director, GWP Packaging

Besides the new equipment, the company are investing a new warehouse – due to be completed in October – to support the stock holding service they operate for many of their customers. Approximately 80% of their customers take advantage of a just in time supply agreement. The investment will also create a number of new jobs at their site in Cricklade, with the company actively recruiting for staff.


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