Die-cutter at Marbach Asia Pacific

Marbach Asia Pacific has recently installed a new die-cutter that will stay at the company for at least two years. The global manufacturer of cutting-dies can now showcase its tools in action on the Bobst Novacut 106 ER. This machine is equipped with all the important features, such as quick lock frames, 1mm plate exchange system with micrometer adjustment, and most importantly also a blanking unit.

‘‘Automatic blanking is not very common in south east Asia and as a result, still an interesting topic for customers in this area,’’ says Markus Stegmann, CEO Marbach Asia Pacific. ‘‘The new Marbach lightblanker is a light and modular blanking tool that is cost-efficient and therefore perfect for jobs that have been separated manually so far. Its base frame can stay in the machine and can be adjusted quickly each time according to the job-specific blanking grid.’’

For the next two years, Bobst and Marbach customers can see at the Marbach plant how a time-consuming manual separating process is replaced by a single, automatic, operation with the Novacut 106 ER that runs Marbach tools. These automatic processes are not only more efficient than manual ones, but also improve the quality of the finished packaging.

Both Bobst and Marbach will use the machine for internal and external training, demonstrations and test runs. Also, special events with workshops will take place. Mr Stegmann concludes, ‘‘In March, an open house will take place at our facility.”

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