Leading Indian group adds another EMBA line

Dhanlakshmi Group, one of the leading corrugated box manufacturers in India, has had a fascinating journey since their formation in 2002. They have gone from a small, semi-automatic plant with a capacity to produce 200 tons per month, to having multiple plants with a production of 7,000 tons per month.

The keys to the success for this family owned company, has been the long term focus, excellent service, quality products and strategic investment in machinery. When Dhanlakshmi invested in an EMBA FFG 170 QS in 2010 — the first company in India to do so — many were surprised by such a big investment.

As the story continues, so the group has now built the largest facility in the country. Operational from October 2018, the plant trades under the name of Dhanlakshmi Packaging Industries Private Ltd., DPIPL. “Our positive experience with EMBA machines over the years has given us confidence to invest in a 245 QS Ultima, equipped with DualBox,” says Rahul Jain, DPIPL. “EMBA has sold more than 10 machines in recent time with this latest innovation DualBox, but this is the first in of its kind in India and Asia.”

Left to right: Esa Koski, Narender Singh Munoth, Ulrika Bergquist, Rahul Jain and Chiran Sastry.