DGM Smartfold Gluer Installed

Bell Incorporated installed a PPCTS DGM Smartfold 1100SL ULTRA X gluer for folding cartons at their new Groveport, Ohio (USA) facility last July and has already produced several million cartons. It has given Bell the ability of high speed folding and gluing production combined with fast job changeover. The Smartfold 1100SL ULTRA X includes motorized job/memory recall carriers for fast job changeover, an extra length pre-folding section with tilting upper carrier frame, an extra length universal crash-lock multi-function section with integrated bump & turn and carton aligner, left and right 6 corner folding, as well as an extra length final folding section with drop down lower and lifting upper center carriers.
The gluer is powered with a multiple servo drive system for precise carton compression section shingle control through inching, production, acceleration and deceleration speed changes, as well as an innovative high speed servo back folding system which allows minimal carton separation. The electrical/electronics design is based on non- proprietary technology for easy machine servicing and with remote diagnostics capabilities.

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