Derek Gillard bids Adieu

Derek Gillard is to retire after 34 years with Heidelberg UK. Last year he handed over his post of Southern Sales Manager to Neil Fletcher to head up Heidelberg UK’s refurbished equipment arm.

“This role was always seen as a stepping stone to retirement and I have now created the processes that will allow this side of the business to thrive. We have achieved close to £6m in refurbished sales in the last year and I think there is scope for this to increase in future,” says Mr Gillard.

As of now, customers wanting to buy or sell good condition refurbished presses should approach regional managers Phil Buttress (north) and Neil Fletcher (south). The back office operations will be handled by Peter Carter.

“Derek has given Heidelberg many years of great service and will be missed by myself and my colleagues. He is a man of great integrity and has always been respected inside and outside the organisation for his enthusiasm and commitment. His retirement has been well earned,” says Gerard Heanue, Managing Director of Heidelberg UK.

Derek Gillard

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