Denmaur raises sustainability commitment with net-zero target validation

After being one of the first UK national paper merchants to validate its near-term carbon reduction target with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), Denmaur has now used the same framework to validate its net-zero target date of 2045.

The net-zero target has committed the company to reduce its total scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by a minimum of 90% by 2045, with any remaining emissions being neutralised. This is in addition to its near-term target of reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% by 2030.

Danny Doogan, Marketing and Sustainability Director, explains, “We targeted 2045 based on the net-zero work and aspirations of our customers as well as the decarbonisation plans and initiatives that are starting to come through from paper and board manufacturers.”

Burgo are one such manufacturer who last year announced its plans to switch some of its mills into green paper plants – including Burgo Ardennes in Belgium, where Denmaur’s flagship Amadeus range is produced.

Doogan adds, “Our net-zero target may be considered ambitious, but during discussions with several manufacturers in the last year, it’s apparent there is a strong intent to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, fossil fuel based energy in paper production – a significant Scope 3 element of our carbon footprint. In the week where 2023 was confirmed as the hottest on record, now is the time for ambitious targets.”

Both Denmaur’s near-term carbon reduction target and its net-zero commitment are now validated and published on the SBTi ‘s Target Dashboard, joining 186 other UK companies with both near-term and net-zero targets. Denmaur used the services of carbon specialists Nero Carbon to measure its greenhouse gas emissions in line the leading global standards, Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO14064-1.

Greg Selfe, Director, Nero Carbon, adds, “Denmaur is a fantastic example of a major company proactively measuring and reducing its carbon footprint to stay ahead of both environmental regulation and its competition. Customer demand for transparent and credible carbon footprints is only set to increase. Denmaur can now confidently tells its existing and potential customers that all of its products are on a validated pathway to reach net-zero.”

Whilst reducing its overall carbon emissions, Denmaur will continue to promote and invest in World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper programme. Doogan concluded, “SBTi’s Net Zero Standard is clear in that businesses can play a critical role in accelerating the net-zero transition and addressing the ecological crisis by investing in mitigation action beyond value chains. Denmaur will therefore proudly continue to support the critical forest protection and restoration projects carried out by World Land Trust.”

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