DataLase’s water based coating solutions are Swiss Ordinance compliant

In providing a laser-active alternative to traditional inks and printing methods, DataLase has successfully developed a range of diversity water-based flexo coatings, targeting packaging markets.

The coatings, which can facilitate laser-imageable text, date & lot codes and graphics on various packaging substrates, have many proven benefits including lower carbon footprint, reduced transport costs and late-stage customisation without ink consumables at packaging fill. The majority of these packaging applications are related to indirect food contact, pharmaceuticals and beverages, where consumer safety is paramount, guided by stringent ink-related packaging regulations. In Europe, chemicals that are recognised as appropriate for such purposes are thoroughly tested and analysed to gain accreditation by the globally recognised SWISS Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO).

In working with the FSVO, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) assessed and recommended a key component of the DataLase diversity coatings range for inclusion to the positive list of German Ordinance printing inks. They also advised that it will be included in Annex 10 of the ‘List of permitted substances for the production of packaging inks, and related requirements’, following endorsement by the FSVO – otherwise commonly referred to as ‘Swiss listing’. According to its requirements, this achievement has ensured that the FSVO will recognise every component in the diversity coating formulation as compliant.

“DataLase is delighted that the BfR has approved a key component of our water-based flexo product family for SWISS Ordinance listing,” said Ally Grant, CTO at DataLase. “This was the conclusion of several years of thorough and intensive analytical and characterisation work with leading expert organisations in the field. The results enabled compliance with the most stringent European packaging regulations.”

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