DataLase supports Kenyan children’s home with laptops donation

New Hope Children’s Centre, a facility dedicated to rescuing and raising orphaned children and abandoned babies in Uplands, Kenya, has recently benefitted from a donation of laptops from DataLase. The laptops, together with an assortment of books and stationery donated by Bodnant Community School in Prestatyn, will be used by the Oakridge Center of Excellence, the on-site primary school that provides education for 127 children.

Uplands is a rural area where farming is the leading industry and access to education and medical help is challenging. Local schools struggle to cope with large numbers where there are sometimes as many as 60 students in a classroom. Children lose parents not only through HIV, but also illnesses considered relatively easy to cure by more developed regions.

As an ongoing part of its CSR strategy, DataLase, via its CSMO, Paul Dustain, has maintained a personal 10-year involvement with the children’s centre, sponsoring four children and a granny and providing support for their ongoing education and development. The centre is instrumental in transforming the lives of children that once had little hope, into young adults who can support themselves and care for their own families.

Oakridge’s vision champion, Cathy Otieno, said, “On behalf of the Oakridge Center of Excellence, I would like to thank you for the donation of the laptop computers, story books and an assortment of stationery items. We are thankful for the laptops which will help us provide our students with technical education, a vital skill in present times. We are also thankful too for the books, which will enhance the learning experience for our students.”

Dustain added, “My long standing and ongoing involvement with New Hope is immensely rewarding and as a shareholder, we are delighted to see the laptops making a difference to the learning opportunities at the school, without which primary school children will lack the quality of education that they need to thrive academically.”

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