DataLase enhances business agility with new ERP system

UK-based DataLase has invested in a new ERP system. The move will provide them with cloud-based integration and management of their main business processes, serving to enhance their overall business agility.

The software systems used by DataLase previously ran key processes on different systems, thereby limiting the effectiveness, as well as duplicating effort in some cases.

The new system – WinMan Cloud ERP platform – provides a significant efficiency improvement by combining processes into one system. The software’s extensive range of functionality will enable DataLase to manage all business processes from customer relationships and production to their finances. Being a core business management system, it allows users to log in anytime, anywhere using a web browser on different devices, thereby giving users the freedom and flexibility to work remotely. The platform is intuitive as it provides access to real-time data from different areas of the business and the comprehensive set of functions will enable increased collaboration, efficiency and productivity. It has various customisable dashboards and workflows and is scalable to meet a range of business needs.

“Having looked at various systems, we decided to go with Winman Cloud as it had everything in one box,” said Clare Lewis, CEO, DataLase. “Other systems required ‘add-ons’ to achieve the full benefit of ERP/MRP and CRM. Winman Cloud offers a simple, modern design with a responsive user interface.”

DataLase will be rolling out the new system fully into the business over the next six months, ensuring that all potential issues are dealt with and that only cleansed and accurate data is inputted into the platform.

“The new system is another example of our continual investment strategy,” added Lewis. “The platform will ensure that we have complete control and understanding of the business as a whole. And by having that in one place, means we can have more accurate insights on which to future-proof the business and, as a result, make the best decisions.”

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