C&T Matrix’s SPEEDX helps increase speed and choices

Since its launch, SPEEDX die ejection sheeting has fast become the preferred choice with die makers and convertors, who require the highest performance and reliability on their dies.

Manufacturer of SpeedX, C&T Matrix, has confirmed that the SPEEDX range has grown to provide more choices to the die maker and end user. SPEEDX already had various options from 15 shore up to 75 shore. Now there is a new option for 20 shore SPEEDX mint green and 30 shore SPEEDX blue.

Using next generation, high performance polymers, SPEEDX offers users a microscopic and homogeneous closed cell structure, that provides a uniform and consistent compressibility under load with speedy recovery for optimised, production efficiency. Other features include no odour, food safe, easy to cut and glue.

Simon Shenton, Managing Director, C&T Matrix, said, “The inclusion of these two new SPEEDX products, enables the user to fine tune and optimise the production output on a wider range of substrates, without sacrificing the benefits that SPEEDX provides.”

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