C&T Matrix SPEEDX die ejection rubber now with or without adhesive

C&T Channel Matrix launched SPEEDX, the next generation of high-performance die ejection rubber, to the UK and global market in 2021. Since then, it has had great success due to its many benefits over conventional open cell rubber. It is also now available, in the UK, with or without adhesive.

SpeedX has been specifically engineered to provide essential benefits to all packaging sectors and guarantees a rapid recovery on-press, meaning that its ideal for high-speed flat bed die-cutters. Its closed cell structure results in consistent and uniform compressibility on die by absorbing the energy applied under platen pressure. When released, the stored energy quickly allows the structure to recover and provide a fast and powerful ejection, ensuring maximum speed on-press. Additionally, the closed cell structure prevents water absorption from the waterjet cutting process, meaning that the rubber is suitable for adhesive bonding to the die immediately after being cut.

The rubber is produced in large blocks, and then accurately slit to the exact thickness required with the tightest tolerances (+/-0.2mm), which is particularly beneficial in terms of the varying thickness of plywood. SpeedX is available in a wide range of hardness, from 15 shore through to 75 shore, and each hardness has a unique colour for ease of identification on the die.

Its neutral odour and soft-feel structure is lightweight in comparison to conventional heavyweight ejection rubbers, meaning that reduced machine loads are typical for dies using SpeedX. As opposed to some die ejection rubbers which can only be in contact with food packaging, SpeedX has a Food Safety certificate which states that it can be used in direct contact with food, improving its range of uses.

Simon Shenton, Managing Director, said, “SpeedX has improved commerciality that allows it to be positioned in the market at almost identical levels to open cell grades often giving a better product for the same price on a die.”

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