C&T Matrix pallets proving popular with customers

To complement their range of creasing matrix and associated die-cutting accessories, C&T Matrix launched a new plastic pallet to customers in 2022, designed with the specific demands of the packaging industry in mind. Over 1,000 pallets have been sold since the launch with customers citing improved safety and hygienic production as the key benefits.

C&T has taken into consideration the bespoke requirements for customers in the packaging industry. For instance, customers specific hygiene and BRC accreditation requirements have been accounted for by exclusively using polymers that are food safe within the plastic pallets.

The new pallets are easy for manual handling, with a lightweight construction that will not splinter or cause damage within a working environment. Additionally, they are very easy to keep clean – simply wipe away dust or spray powder. These features make the pallets excellent in terms of health and safety requirements.

Furthermore, C&T’s pallets can be used throughout the whole production process. Printing and die-cutting can benefit from ‘non-stop’ feeding of the board/paper/corrugated using swords on the feeder. A variety of sizes of pallet are available to suit different customer’s production format and machine dimensions.

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