C&T Matrix increases product diversity with Injection Moulded Components

In February 2022, C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) acquired Clear Group, strengthening its leadership position in die consumables and offering C&T customers multiple benefits in terms of product sourcing.

Clear Group manufacture and distribute die supplies in Spain and Portugal. In recent years, Clear Group has made significant investments in its manufacturing processes, adding laser cutting, rubber conversion, injection moulding and die machinery to its extensive production capability.

As a result of the acquisition, C&T is now able to offer its customers injection moulded components which are essential parts when producing a die. These additions also include commonly used moulded parts such as plastic nuts and bolts which are used for die storage and transportation and edge protectors to protect the corners of the dies.

Furthermore, Clear Group’s injection moulding capacity alongside C&T’s in-house toolmaking, allows C&T to design and now manufacture customer bespoke plastic components according to exact requirements.

Simon Shenton, Managing Director of C&T Matrix comments, “The addition of these new injection moulded components commonly used in die manufacturing will greatly increase C&T’s offering and can even provide individual solutions as and when required.”

See the latest podcast, where Dan Brunton talks with Simon Shenton, here:

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