C&T Matrix extends its creasing matrix solutions

To complement the range of creasing matrix, C&T offers a large portfolio of ejection rubbers, counter material and other die making accessories. Through continuous growth and a recent acquisition, C&T has further extended its range of accessories to customers and has increased its supply choices.

C&T’s die making accessories cover everything from adhesive to blocks and punches. This variety of accessories include nut and bolt sets available in 43mm and 50mm; edge protectors available in 13mm, 15mm and 18mm; and a variety of hammers and mallets made from rawhide, plastic and aluminium.

With this enhanced range of die making products and accessories, C&T is now established as the leading supplier of consumables in this field and is proud to offer their customers a variety of solutions to satisfy their requirements.

Simon Shenton, C&T Channel Matrix, Managing Director commented, “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers such a wide selection of accessories suitable for the entire die making production process. This brings value and efficiency to our customers, and makes C&T a one-stop shop for all things die making. Thanks to our acquisitions, we continue to add to our range and remain the market leader and manufacturer for high quality, durable creasing matrix solutions and accessories.”

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