C&T Matrix becomes an agent for Astin anvil covers

C&T Channel Matrix has become an agent for Astin’s portfolio of anvil covers for rotary die-cutters, providing customers with the best cutting quality.

Astin Anvil Covers are produced from an accurate formulation to maximise production efficiency. The internal fibreglass reinforcement maintains dimensional accuracy, protecting against the natural instinct of polyurethane parts to vary the dimensions with temperature changes. The fibreglass net is light, making it easy to install, rotate and remove the covers.

Typically, the brand and model of the rotary die-cutter, as well as the original part number, will be sufficient information to determine the anvil cover required. In the event that this information is not enough, C&T’s expertise can help customers to determine the requirements using information about the diameter of the cylinder on which the anvil covers are to be installed, and the dimensions of the slot on the cylinder (width and depth).

Simon Shenton, Managing Director, C&T Channel Matrix, commented, “C&T continues to offer our customers a wide selection of accessories suitable for the entire die making and die-cutting production process. This brings value and efficiency to our customers and makes C&T a one-stop shop for all things die making.”

For further details regarding C&T Channel Matrix and its innovative creasing matrix solutions visit www.candtmatrix.co.uk

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