CSI Goes Digital

Corrugated Synergies International, LLC (CSI), a North America sheet feeding company, became the first to purchase the full ecosystem of EFI™ technologies for corrugated packaging, featuring EFI Corrugated Packaging Suite manufacturing execution system (MES) software for business ERP and production management integrated with an EFI Fiery® digital front end (DFE) and the Nozomi C18000 ultra-high-speed single-pass LED inkjet press.

“CSI has pioneered many things in our industry,” according to CSI Vice President of Manufacturing and Print Jeffery Dumbach, noting that the Nozomi installation means CSI can address the need for analog-to-digital transformation in corrugated print supply chains. “With the existing processes, people carry an excess of inventory. But using the Nozomi press, our customers will purchase precisely what they need when they need it.”

The Renton, Washington-based company, which manufactures corrugated sheets for box manufacturers, will be the first dedicated sheet feeder to install the Nozomi press. The 71-inch (1.8-meter) wide LED inkjet device being installed early this summer will include the complete EFI ecosystem of corrugated production options and products, with six-color plus white ink installed on the press and fully integrated top- and bottom-feeding units.

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