CSI adds second Euclid IIIC

Corrugated Synergies International (CSI) has ordered a second Highcon Euclid IIIC digital cutting and creasing machine, only six months after the installation of their first machine.  At the Visual Impact PrePrint (VIP) facility, located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, the Euclid IIIC has been working alongside the EFI Nozomi digital single-pass printers in a multiple shift production mode, proving the benefits of agile digital production.

“With the steady growth of e-commerce and the ensuing requirement for packaging that can handle the hazards of direct-to-consumer shipping, there is a fast growing need for packaging designed specifically for e-commerce, removing the need for boxes within boxes and at the same time reducing shipping costs,” says Aviv Ratzman, Highcon CEO and Co-founder. “Digital finishing for corrugated answers the consumer’s requirements for a positive unpacking experience, both structurally and visually, and the brand’s ability to deliver their messaging.”


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