CRS From Graphic Engineering Centre

Netherlands-based Graphic Engineering Centre has launched new technology for improved registration of printed sheets into a die-cutter. Known as the CRS (Controlled Register System), it upgrades the quality of sheet infeed into new or existing flat-bed die-cutters by using Linear motors in combination with cameras and contact-free sensors to remove the need for front and side register marks, making it possible to die-cut by sheet edge or printed image.

CRS registers without sheet edge contact, making it ideal for laminated board or stocks of lower quality recycled material. Without the need for print register marks, there is less wasted board. On the run adjustment is possible down to 0.01mm.

The CRS can handle a wide range of substrates and in combination with automatic pile correcting and sheet timing systems, is capable of making large corrections in both lateral and running direction up to 30mm and 15mm respectively. This minimises stops caused by front or side lay issues and increases the machine uptime, with a maximum production speed of 10,000 sheets/hour.

Designed for easy maintenance with closed-in components that are protected from board dust, CRS needs no lubrication and comes with full remote support from GEC. Suitable for fitting to any brand of new or existing die-cutters, GEC believes that it has moved the benchmark for die-cutting accuracy to a new high.

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