Crossmark adds more die-cutting capacity

New Berlin, WI-based Crossmark Graphics has boosted its post-press department further, with the addition of a new Ipress 106 K PRO die-cutter from Koenig & Bauer, which arrived in early February 2023.

“As our business continues to grow and thrive, we found the need for a fast and versatile die-cutter to contribute to the production of existing and future jobs,” says Jim Dobrzynski Sr., founder, Crossmark Graphics. “Being a full-service printer, we need to have the flexibility and capability to produce jobs on all different types of substrates. We believe our Ipress 106 K PRO will die-cut several types of substrates from 64-lbs to 0.11-inches thick corrugated board and solid board up to 0.59-inches thick. When we were awarded another high value job that entailed die-cutting and blanking, we knew it was time to invest in a new Koenig & Bauer to increase our capacity.”

Left to right: Tammy Rechner (President and CEO) and Jim Dobrzynski Sr (Founder), Crossmark Graphics.

Installed alongside additional die-cutters, including its Koenig & Bauer Optima 106, Crossmark has designated the new Ipress 106 K PRO for longer run work. Its operators will be thrilled with its fast make-ready capabilities and high running speed, giving them total control of the movement of the sheet through its touch screen.

The Ipress 106 K PRO offers two types of sheet monitoring at the operator’s choice: either conventional or with the optional OPMR system (Optical Printed Mark Register), which uses sensors and cameras to detect a printed mark. Crossmark’s operators can easily switch between the two systems using an intuitive touch screen monitor.

Crossmark operators will also be impressed with its fully automatic, shaftless DriveTronic feeder and which ensures optimum sheet travel and short set up times. Four servo motors control all movement functions. The DriveTronic feeder’s other key features include a continuous, infinitely adjustable pile lift; automatic skew sheet correction at the feeder head during production; automatic pile-edge control for exact alignment at the feeder; and the ability to produce repeat jobs at the touch of a button.

“Here at Crossmark, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the expectations of our customers,” says Dobrzynski, who oversees Crossmark with his daughter Tammy Rechner, president and CEO, assisted by sons Jay, vice president of operations; Mark, vice president of sales; and Brian, production manager. “We are proud to soon be operating the most technologically advanced die cutter on the market. Our partnership with Koenig & Bauer continues to be strong. Having two Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 presses, a Koenig & Bauer Optima die cutter, and Koenig & Bauer Omega folder gluer puts us in the perfect spot to proclaim the reliability and technologically advanced equipment from Koenig & Bauer. We credit this incredible partnership with the entire team from Koenig & Bauer in supporting our company’s high growth.”

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