CPI welcomes ‘Two Sides’ report on European Packaging preferences

In recent years public awareness around the sustainability of materials used for packaging has increased. There has been a gradual move away from the throwaway culture and a greater emphasis on reusing and recycling. Governments and the public are increasingly considering the environmental impact of materials and retailers have been reactive to this.

There has been momentum in the UK and other European nations to move towards a more circular economy. Paper and board materials are at the heart of this transition. A recent report by ‘Two Sides’, a not-for-profit global initiative promoting the sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper and paper packaging, supports this. The report looks at European consumer preferences, exploring attitudes towards different types of packaging. The report which surveyed an impressive 5,900 consumers across nine European markets showed that there is an increased awareness of the environmental credentials of paper and board packaging.

Research showed that paper-based packaging was the overwhelming favourite for consumers when considering environmental performance. It also identified an increased level of consciousness around the retailers’ efforts to make packaging more environmentally friendly and sustainable, including around forest certification and environmental labels and shopping bag material preferences.

For example, paper and board packaging rank highest with consumers for several sustainability attributes including being compostable at home (72%), better for the environment (62%) and easier to recycle (57%). Also, the research showed that 66% of consumers prefer products ordered online to be delivered in paper packaging rather than plastic packaging.

Andrew Large, Director General of CPI said, “I welcome Two Sides’ new report. The findings are most encouraging for the paper and cardboard industries. Paper-based materials are a sustainable resource and it is great to see that the public recognises this. As we move towards a circular economy, paper will continue to play a fundamental role, as a renewable, reusable and recyclable material.”

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