CPI Design for Recyclability Guidelines

The Confederation of Paper Industries has released The CPI Design for Recyclability Guidelines, helping retailers and brands specify and design fibre-based packaging that can be reprocessed in standard paper mills in the UK.

The Design for Recyclability Guidelines aim to inspire the next generation of packaging products and lead the path towards resource-efficient recycling of fibre-based packaging products. With a vast array of packaging formats available, the guidelines illustrate the potential of fibre-based products for packaging purposes and their extensive recyclability.

The guidelines are intended to provide design parameters, which, if generally adhered to, should deliver high performing and recyclable fibre- based packaging for the industry, and improved environmental and social responsibility in the supply chain. The overriding motivation is to optimise the quality and quantity of PfR, and through technological development and better design, improve the recyclability of the more challenging materials, and reduce waste in the supply chain.

Read The CPI Design for Recyclability Guidelines here.

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