Cowan Graphics Excels with Fujifilm Inca OnsetX3 HS

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division has confirmed the installation of its Inca OnsetX3 HS at Cowan Graphics Inc., a family owned business for 75 years located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Cowan Graphics Inc. provides businesses of all sizes an extensive offering of corporate branding services including building signage, vehicle wraps/graphics, indoor/outdoor banners, murals, decals, retail/event signage, and specialty items.

The addition of the OnsetX3 HS has allowed the company to diversify product offerings including packaging capabilities, specifically regarding the ability to print on corrugated board, as well as developing free standing display units, short run specialty packaging, and more. This enabled the company to handle new and unique requests from current and new customers, accelerating business growth.

“As one of the largest digital and screen printing companies in Canada, we monitor industry trends and adapt practices to identify ways to help improve our customers printing and packaging needs,” said Blaine MacMillan, President and co-owner, Cowan Graphics, Inc. “We’re pleased to service our customers via Fujifilm’s OnsetX3 HS, which allows us to print high volume, quality images onto a wide variety of media. It’s important to have the right technology available that can keep up with market demand and that can also offer diverse products, personalized prints, packaging and display options with a fast-turnaround time.“

As customer deadlines continued to shorten and requests for personalized services expanded, finding a high-quality, efficient and reliable printer that could produce images on a wide variety of media was critical for the long-term growth of Cowan Graphics.

“With our engineering, fabrication, installation, and graphic design teams in place, Cowan Graphics had most of the right resources in place to push the envelope with our offerings. However, we needed a reliable printing solution to keep up with our expansion efforts and also be able to create new, diverse offerings that would appeal to our customers,” said MacMillan. “It was important for our business to invest in the right printing solution and we knew Fujifilm would be the right partner for us.”

He conlcuded, “In accommodating the diverse offerings of fast-turnaround, short-run work, the OnsetX3 HS has more than stood up to the challenge for us. The increase in overall productivity, made possible by advances in printing speed and quality thanks to the Fujifilm OnsetX3 HS, allow Cowan Graphic customers to stand out among the crowd with ideal graphic solutions.”



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