Coveris and Notpla put packaging sustainability in the spotlight at sporting event

Coveris has produced brand-new Notpla takeaway cardboard boxes to feature on a global stage at the Erste Bank Open ATP 500 tennis competition in Vienna, Austria, later this month.

Coveris has worked with Notpla as a print and packaging partner for their food-contact approved takeaway packaging. The takeaway boxes feature Notpla’s barrier coating made from seaweed and plant extracts, as an alternative to plastic. The coating is applied to certified sustainably sourced board offering water and grease resistance. The boxes are recyclable or if placed in alternative waste streams, the coating naturally breaks down in 4-6 weeks at end of life.

Coveris’ sustainability strategy ‘No Waste’ was launched by the packaging group’s leadership team based in Vienna. The production of Notpla-coated food takeaway boxes developed to tackle waste, for use at a sporting event in the same city, align with Coveris’ No Waste vision at the heart of where it was created.

Through Notpla’s partnership with Just Eat, Notpla’s boxes have already featured at major sporting events, including the Women’s Euro 2022 final held at Wembley Stadium, UK and the UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul.

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