New Recycling Target of 85% by 2030

FEFCO welcomes the final compromise text by the European Parliament's Environmental Committee on the waste package, following the recent endorsement by the Permanent Representative Committee (Part 1) of the Council. A key element of the package is the recognition that bio-based recyclable products provide an opportunity for the circular economy and that there are clear benefits deriving from packaging made from recyclable materials.

The reinforcement of the requirements for separate collection, together with the progressive reduction of landfilling, is fundamental for obtaining high quality material for recycling and will boost the market for secondary raw materials. Retaining the internal market as a legal base for the packaging and packaged goods fully supports the free movement of packaged goods within the EU.

Furthermore, inspirational targets for reducing the generation of food waste in retail and distribution are in line with industry ambitions. Angelika Christ, Secretary General of FEFCO said, “Corrugated packaging is part of the solution and our members already provide fit for purpose packaging to combat food waste”. Paper and board packaging already achieve high rates of recycling and the new paper recycling target (85% by 2030) will encourage industry to continue its efforts and further contribute to building the circular economy in Europe.