CorrPak Deadline Extended

For the first time, TAPPI has agreed to accept entries for the CorrPak 2016 competition anonymously. Since this was not in the original options of entering when the competition was announced, TAPPI extended the deadline to Sept. 30.

Sponsored by TAPPI’s Corrugated Packaging Division, the CorrPak competition recognizes the finest commercially produced corrugated package products manufactured between August 1, 2012 and August 1, 2016. The judges will evaluate quality, design, graphic excellence, technical difficulty, and innovative application in deciding first, second and third place winners in all categories, as well as awarding the Best of Show.

There will be two Best of Show Awards — one for structure and one for printing. Award winners will be announced and on display during the week  of TAPPI/AICC SuperCorrExpo, Oct. 17-20 at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, FL. All award winners will be featured on the TAPPI website and various industry publications, including Corrugated Today and Board Converting News.

Entries entered anonymously need to understand the following:

• TAPPI nor anyone associated with the judging will be held accountable for an inadvertent disclosure

All identifying marks should be permanently removed from the packaging. This includes box stamps. Do not tape over it. Cut it out.

• It is suggested that anonymous entries be submitted through a surrogate/intermediary to add an additional layer of privacy. As an example, have your prepress house enter on your behalf. The prepress house will then be notified of the award and will contact you. No one will know who you are until after the competition and arrangements can then be made for your award if you win.

• If working through a surrogate/intermediary, you will have to pay a fee. TAPPI will have no idea of your identity and thus no idea how many submissions you have. The surrogate/intermediary will pay the fee on your behalf.

• If entering through TAPPI as anonymous, make your form stand out with this indication: ANONYMOUS ENTRY . The current fee schedule will apply, as TAPPI will know who you are.

• If you win, a photo of the entry will be published in the professional magazines and other news outlets deemed appropriate by TAPPI. But, it will be listed as an anonymous entry with no mention of the company or surrogate/intermediary.  


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