Copar is now CoparSolutions

For nearly seven decades Copar has been known for products that allow corrugators and converters get the most from their operations. Now there’s a new name that reflects the company moving in new directions and developing new innovations – what was Copar is now CoparSolutions.

Since new ownership and management have taken over, nearly every aspect of the company has been updated or is well along in the process of being updated. Now, more than ever CoparSolutions’ products communicate with every make and configuration of corrugator. as well as enabling corrugators to seamlessly communicate internally with each of its major component parts.

Jim Burrows, President & CEO, CoparSolutions.

CoparSolutions is maximizing the productivity, quality and efficiency for its customers by building on the past while re-inventing for the future. Within the past year, CoparSolutions has doubled its engineering staff, doubled the electrical services staff, and increased the size of its field services staff by 50%. The new company stresses that these expansions are just the start.

CoparSolutions’ range of innovative products include:

  • Wet-end controls;
  • Process controls;
  • Thermal profile displays;
  • Data visualization and reporting;
  • Warp monitoring and identification or problem locations;
  • Adhesive applications for converting machines.

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