Concept Stream is new from Robatech

Concept Stream is Robatech’s tankless solution for melting and delivery of thermoplastic adhesives in granular form. Whether high or low adhesive consumption – the melter designed for processing on demand offers numerous applications in different industrial processes. The system is based on the proven Concept 5 with GreenLine technology for an energy-efficient and safe gluing process.

The heart of the Concept Stream is the innovative and small high-performance tank – designed for highest melting performance (8 kg/h). With a small volume, the new melter is as powerful as a Concept 8. However, it requires significantly less space. Melting performance and quantity can be exactly matched to the consumption using melt-on-demand technology. Thanks to this controlled adhesive flow, less chars occur in the system, residues in the tank are significantly reduced, and nozzle blockage is prevented to a large extent. Furthermore, the service life of the adhesive filter is extended and the maintenance costs lowered.

The short heat up time of 16 minutes to 160°C and the standby function ensure fast system availability. Fill level supervision with unique run empty protection stops the system, before no adhesive can be applied anymore. This prevents greater losses due to poorly glued products or products not being glued at all. As part of the GreenLine family, the Concept Stream is energy-optimized as well. Thanks to CoolTouch insulation on tank, pump, and adhesive distributor, energy savings of more than 20 per cent compared to the Standard Concept can be achieved.

The basic version of the melter is filled manually. The filling area is separated from the hot area using the CoolTouch Adapter. This ensures safe manual filling. To increase operator safety even more, the melter can be optionally configured or retrofitted for automatic filling with the RobaFeed granulate feeder. The standard CoolTouch insulation increases operator safety, as it significantly reduced the risk of charring. The automatic pressure release prevents the build-up of dangerous overpressure in the system and thus supports safe Concept Stream operation.

“With its modular design with up to eight connections for heating hoses and application heads and the highly user-friendly RobaVis Touch operating panel, the new Concept Stream melter supports fast system integration and a flexible gluing process. The system is suited for high as well as low adhesive consumption and can be used in a variety of production processes in different industries – a true all-rounder for highest efficiency, flexibility, and safety during adhesive application,” summarises Hanspeter Huber, Product Manager, Packaging Industry at Robatech.

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