Complete Design and Packaging upgrades with a second Apstar RDC

Complete Design and Packaging, located in Concord, NC,  has recently confirmed the installation of their second Apstar RDC, to replace their Workhorse four-color rotary die-cutter. Installed in 2004, the Workhorse was their first new machine purchase.

“Our current six-color HG Apstar RDC has proven to be a valuable asset and a near perfect fit for our display business model,” said Howard Bertram, President of Complete Design and Packaging. “As we grow and have found the need for additional capacity, adding a second identical Apstar, with the latest features, just makes sense,” “The Apstar high graphic capabilities and precision die cutting aligns well with CDP’s attention to detail and high quality expectations. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible end product. Incredible print, accurate registration, and timeliness are extremely important, and the Apstar provides all of these attributes.”

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