Company Day for Lewisburg Printing

On May 16, 2023, Lewisburg Printing celebrated ‘Company Day’ and were ‘Honored by Proclamation’ in a presentation by the Mayor of Lewisburg and Marshal County Dignitaries at their Lewisburg operation located in the state of Tennessee.

Hale Hawkins, CEO, Lewisburg Printing Co, receives Proclamation from officials.

“This event will be held annually on May 16th to honor the support of our staff, community and suppliers,” said Hale Hawkins, CEO.

In presenting the Company Day Proclamation, Mayor Bingham recognized the company’s corporate contribution, spanning over 120 years, to the community, excellence in servicing customers and their track record of growth.

Over 180 staff members and suppliers were in attendance to celebrate during a BBQ lunch cooked by Hawkins and his cooking crew.  New t-shirts, hats and vendor prizes were handed out as part of the event.

Vendor of the year was presented to Bill Bailey, Neagel Fright Services, as voted by plant supervisors for their support and service excellence in 2022.  Athens Paper and Packaging and Prisco were the other finalists.

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