Compact and Bale help more customers thrive

One recent success story for Compact and Bale involves a semi-automatic baler, the Durapac CB65X.

Their customer was grappling with a constant influx of both cardboard and plastic fruit and veg trays that were being hand-loaded into vertical balers, consuming considerable time and effort. As production surged, they struggled to keep pace with waste generation, resulting in a backlog so severe that empty trays and crates had to be collected loose, causing the customer to miss out on significant revenue from the sale of baled materials.

One of Compact and Bale’s recycling advisers conducted a thorough waste management review, revealing that a member of staff was employed for nine hours per day, seven days per week, just to load the balers, at an annual labour cost of nearly £50,000.

Recognising the need for a transformative ‘Automate To Save’ solution, Compact and Bale designed a bespoke off-dock fed CB65X baler, equipped with a whole pallet tipper and fully enclosed safety cage and canopy for site security and operator comfort.

Emptying a 2.2m high pallet load of stacked trays or crates now takes around 30-40 secs compared to 15-20 mins, meaning the customer can clear their daily volume of waste in under an hour, saving eight hours of manual labour per day and securing a steady stream of profitable rebates.


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