Combined positive impact of the EU forest-based sectors for climate neutrality

CEPI welcomes the new European Climate Law launched by the European Commission as a key step forward in our common efforts to respond to global warming.

“Our industry is committed to doing its part: we have already achieved a 27% reduction of carbon emission from 2005 to date, a leading performance amongst the ETS sectors. With a supportive and stable regulatory framework, we plan to continue and improve progress, as stated in Cepi CEO initiative. We aim to be the most competitive and sustainable provider of solutions for a climate-neutral Europe in 2050,” said Jori Ringman, Director General at CEPI.

The transition towards a carbon-neutral economy will have to build on strong European industrial value-chains. The European paper industry has already identified a joint vision for the Forest-based industrial value-chain, published in November, and is working to make the vision a reality.

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