Combined businesses offer broad portfolio of balers and compactors

In March 2023, American Baler, Harris Waste Management Group, and International Baler, all owned by Avis Industrial, launched the Recycling and Waste Equipment division. The three companies have worked together to reduce lead times, increase buying power, and share best practices in manufacturing and product features.

In May 2024, all sales personnel reported to the RWE group increasing sales focus with the 20 distributors throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and the world.  Distributors have sent their service technicians to Harris 2-ram service school and scheduled for American Baler extrusion baler school coming in the Fall and Spring.  All salespeople are trained to assist the customer in finding the best baler solution for their baling application.

American Baler products include the extrusion balers most found in the warehouse/distribution centre market and the corrugated packaging. The PAC series and DC series, both non shear balers, are highly desired in the marketplace. When a shear is needed, the American WS and HS series are far above the competition with renewable and adjustable shear systems for recycling markets.  American is also underway with an expansion project to increase space and automation, due for completion first quarter 2025.

Harris offers the Badger, Gorilla, and Centurion models – all highly productive for their size and price points. The specialty machines featuring a no shear (two ram 1388) and larger solid waste baling machines are technically advanced and highly desired in larger volume applications.

IBC is a top specialty manufacturer with many products designed for ease of manufacturing and ease of maintenance and service. IBC’ Titan full eject baler and their traditional side tie machines are superior in the marketplace with heavy duty door design, adjustable wear liners from outside the machine.

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