Collaboration for inline flexo print, digital print and converting

At drupa, HanGlory Group (Hanway) and Keshenglong Group jointly held their Global Strategic Cooperation Conference, marking a significant milestone in their strategic partnership.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the Glory250X HybStream, a new corrugated digital printing line that the two companies say redefines the boundaries of order speed, conversion efficiency, colour quality, and stable production. This cutting-edge machine seamlessly integrates multiple processes into a single production line, eliminating the need for manual intervention and time-consuming transitions between separate modules.

The Glory250X HybStream’s advanced single pass technology and automation capabilities ensure consistent high-quality printing results, while its customisable configuration caters to diverse production requirements, adapting to the ever-evolving market demands. Intelligent algorithms enable rapid order matching and precise pattern recognition, optimising production efficiency and minimising waste.

“By combining HanGlory’s expertise in industrial digital inkjet technology with Keshenglong’s prowess in corrugated printing machinery, the Glory250X HybStream stands as a testament to the power of ‘digital+traditional’ synergy,” said a representative from the partnership. “This innovative machine redefines packaging production, integrating large-scale high-precision inkjet printing with inline converting, transforming the entire process from raw materials to finished products. We are confident that the Glory250X HybStream will empower our customers with enhanced production value and unlock boundless business growth opportunities.”

“The companies concluded, “This strategic alliance between HanGlory Group and Keshenglong Group marks a pivotal step towards fostering the integration, development, and shared success of the packaging industry. Through the comprehensive global strategic cooperation, the two companies aim to create highly targeted, integrated, and competitive products and services that address the ever-diversifying demands of the global market.”

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