Cold foiling for smaller machines

UK based Foiltone Ltd have responded to customer interest in a range of cold foiling machines specifically for use on smaller offset machines, on screen printing systems and off-line coating systems. They have built the first of these machines for a customer in London that was completed and installed in October. The machine has been designed for cold foiling, though it will cast and cure if fitted with a suitable UV system.

The aim has been to produce a low-cost, heavy duty system that will produce the quality of solids and half tones normally seen on a larger offset press. The design will allow it to be conveyor fed so it can be placed in line on a silk-screen system, an off-line coater system and even a digital printing system. The added benefit of this design is that Foiltone can take away the rollers and use the nip created by the impression of a small offset machine. Therefore, it can also be adapted to B2 (74cm) and B3 (52cm) offset presses and is light enough to be mounted on older presses (SORZ, SORMZ etc).

The general specification includes:

  • From 1,000m to 2,500m of foil on a 3” (75mm) shaft;
  • Hand loaded (no cranes required);
  • Running at press speeds;
  • Top mounted;
  • Price starting at £40,000.

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