Folding Carton

Completed at JohnsByrne

Eagle Systems, Inc., confirms that US-based JohnsByrne has successfully completed their Eagle Cold Foil Certification Course (ECFC). The comprehensive 8-hour programme is not only geared towards improving production understanding and techniques of press operators, but incorporates the executive management level, ensuring that each Eagle Cold Foil user achieves both the highest quality and maximised ROI.

The ECFC course is conducted at the user’s production facility to ensure all real-world factors and influences are incorporated. Eagle has designed a unique test form, designed for failure, to run off each applicant’s system. The press is then finite-tweaked to maximise performance out of each operation’s adhesives, foils and blankets. One of the end results is the elimination of former process obstacles, such as pin-holing and mud cracking. Regardless of the previous experience level, the ECFC yields significant business and Cold Foil performance advancements.

L-R: JohnsByrne EVP Mike Gustafson, COO Jack Gustafson and CEO Corey Gustafson (far right) with Eagle President and CEO Mike King upon completion of the Eagle Cold Foil Certification Course.