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Eagle Systems, Inc., the US-based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, confirms that Colbert Packaging has installed an Eco-Eagle Cold Foil Module on their new RMGT Ryobi V3000 press. The installation, which was completed in early June, marks the very first Eco-Eagle on a Ryobi in North America.

Colbert Packaging Corporation, a premier provider of paperboard packaging solutions, recently installed the system to meet a growing demand for impactful and eye-catching graphics for consumer products. The 60-year old company remains an independent family-owned operation, with more than 300 employees located at three different manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

“The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil Module from Eagle Systems represents a vastly improved alternative to specialty inks or hot foil solutions,” notes Bill Snyder, Colbert Vice President of Operations. “The cold foil option provides a true metallic surface, applied directly to the substrate, producing a truer look and feel of foil. And, Eagle’s custom-designed metallic fine lines, screens and gradient effects are limitless. Operating in-line with our Ryobi press, projects are finished at the press, making embellishment turnaround nearly insignificant. For the growing numbers concerned about sustainability, paperboard packaging printed, using the cold foil process, is also 100% recyclable – a valuable bonus.”

“We’ve experienced a global adoption of cold foil in recent years,” said Mike King, President and CEO, Eagle Systems. “Cold Foil enables service providers to offer their clients an innovative option that transcends the demands of their most high-end customers. It gives them the ability to say ‘yes’ to more projects, with less time and money required to make it happen.”

Eagle President and CEO, Mike King, oversees Colbert Printing Manager, Steve Sifrer (L) and Barney McLin, Colbert Corporate Facilities Manager in the implementation of their Eagle Cold Foil unit, in-line with their Ryobi press.

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