Colbert Packaging expands manufacturing capacity

Colbert Packaging Corporation has recently confirmed the installation of two new Eterna blanking die-cutters. The Eterna Line ECUT 1060 Elite ER is a welcome addition to Colbert’s Kenosha, WI, and Elkhart, IN, production facilities, adding die-cutting capacity to complement recent printing press installations.

The tight registration of the Elite ER delivers precise cutting, especially critical to the stringent packaging quality requirements of the pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods industries. As an added benefit, tooling is compatible with Bobst Group Technology.

“We can move jobs easily between our Bobst and Eterna equipment due to the compatibility in the tooling,” says Louis Fadder, Die-Cutting Manager, Colbert. “Additional benefits include increased throughput and overall additional capacity with the new Eterna.”

“There is great value in the trust that’s grown between Colbert Packaging and the Brausse Group over time,” said Craig MacKenzie, President, Brausse Group. “We are confident that the new Eterna Elite ER will meet and exceed Colbert’s demand for high-end, finished folding cartons. As a Bobst Group Company, Eterna manufactures a quality machine able to meet the production needs of a market leader like Colbert.”

John Lackner, President, Colbert adds, “The Brausse Group understands our business and our ongoing pursuit for quality and efficiency improvements. With this increased capacity and ease of operation, these investments align with our long-term strategy and further support our customers’ demand for quality products and reduced lead times.”

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