Clear Group invent and patent Virtual Rubber (VR-500).

As a result of C&T’s acquisition of Clear Group in February 2022, customers benefit greatly in terms of product sourcing and variety. The market leader in the manufacture and distribution of die supplies in Spain and Portugal, Clear Group have now invented and patented a brand-new machine, Virtual Rubber (VR-500).

The machine comprises a dual projection unit which visually displays where the pieces of cut rubber from a single sheet are to be placed and glued on the die. The projection simultaneously projects on the sheet of cut rubber and on the die board, allowing the die maker to quickly see where the individual pieces of cut ejection rubber are to be placed.

Simon Shenton, Managing Director, C&T, comments, “The VR-500 from Clear Group is a huge innovation for the die making industry – rubbering has never been easier than it is with this machine. In a nutshell, the VR-500 projects each piece directly onto the die board for a quick and easy placement of the rubber. This is an excellent addition to C&T’s portfolio, and our customers already report up to a 75% reduction in rubbering time, greatly improving productivity and throughput.”

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