For optimum processing of corrugated

Cito GmbH now offers a comprehensive range of solid rubber profiles for optimum processing of corrugated board. Solid rubber profiles stand for clean and exact cut edges as well as perfect creases. The colour coding of the materials facilitate visual quality control. All profiles are available as self-adhesive EasyFix variants and are certified as safe for the production of food packaging.

  • D/5 - solid rubber profile: A high-quality material that has been especially developed for use on perforation rules, cutting rules and cutting-creasing combinations. Profiles enable clean and exact cutting of the corrugated board edge and also prevent cracking of the upper cover liner.
  • D/5 Top - the latest new development: The colour-coded profiles are used on cutting rules. The D/5 Top is characterized by a larger contact surface for optimal fixing of the cutting sheet. As a result, tensile forces are minimized at the cut and colour damage at the cut edge is avoided. 
  • C/3 - solid rubber creasing profile. This profile is equipped with a spacer to ensure the optimum distance between the rubber profile and the creasing rule. Excellent results can be achieved, especially when used in combination with Cito creasing matrix,
  • B/2 - solid rubber profile. The profile is especially suitable for rubbering of the creasing rule.

From the outset of the development of solid rubber profiles, it was very important to Cito for the materials to be safe for the production of food packaging. The solid rubber profiles and many other ejection materials have been certified by the ISEGA research and investigation company as safe.

The solid rubber profiles are all equipped with self-adhesive EasyFix technology. Thanks to this special self-adhesive technology, the rubbering process of the cutting die is improved significantly. Harmful adhesives can be dispensed with. This means a significant reduction in impact on the health of employees during the rubbering process.

Packaging manufacturers also profit from the use of EasyFix profiles, as the cutting die remains completely intact, both when removing the rubber lining and when changing the blade. The main advantage of the EasyFix technology is that the cutting rules are not glued by cyanoacrylates and can only be trimmed correctly in this way. With the EasyFix concept, Cito meets the highest health and safety standards.