Cheshire Anilox Technology adds 7th Laser

Cheshire Anilox Technology has recently added its seventh ALE Laser Engraving Machine, a new cylindrical grinder and an upgrade to their Triplex Pro coating system as part of its continuous improvements in quality and service.

The new laser is equipped with the latest hardware and software technology to produce a range of engraving configurations from 25 to 2,000 lines per inch. The new machine will allow the Manchester based company to create a wide range of bespoke engravings to meet the high-quality demands of printers. It features a Custom Pulse to provide graphical control and design of bespoke cell shapes. It also features advanced engraving technology, such as TwinTrack; this is a new, highly advanced hardware and software interface that offers the highest control over cell shape and engraving consistency. With TwinTrack, higher cell volumes can be obtained with a lower depth of engraving.

Left to right: Olga Smith, Paul Morrell, Phil Smith and Sonia Arcos.

Cheshire’s latest addition follows significant investment across its global operations. Sonia Arcos, Managing Director, comments, “Once again, we are making a significant investment to ensure we can meet the needs of some of the world’s most prestigious printers. The highly-specified ALE Fibre laser we have installed will allow us to offer the highest quality and consistency of engravings. We are committed to continue to strengthen and grow our business and the addition of the latest laser allows us to address these priorities.”

Along with the new laser, the company has also invested in a new cylindrical grinder which will add more capacity and improve the quality of the ceramic surface finish. “One way in which we can control consistency in the laser engraving machines is to give our operators the best possible surface to engrave. This allows our engraving machines to provide more consistent quality as well as maintain smooth cell tops. This will improve the quality and the long term performance of our anilox rollers,” concludes Arcos.

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