Changes at Rigid Charta

Richard Coward, Managing Director of Rigid Group, has confirmed that the company has sold Rigid Charta to Beaucrest Packaging Solutions Ltd, who will now form a new business, Corrpad Ltd. The new company, (which is owned by Beaucrest Packaging Services Ltd), will handle the production of all the corrugated pad and pieces business previously undertaken by Rigid Charta.

“All machinery, staff, orders and specifications for the pads and pieces business have been transferred to Corrpad by Rigid Charta as of 19th June, to ensure smooth transfer and continuity of supply,” states Coward. “Rigid Group will continue to liase with Corrpad for a number of months after the transfer of the business, to aid Corrpad should the need arise.”

The agreement to move the pads and pieces business to Corrpad will not effect the supply of single face corrugated products, which Rigid Group will continue to manufacture and sell directly to customers. Coward concludes, “This deal ensures continuity of employment for the staff at Rigid Charta and we look forward to supporting the new business as it grows, with their unique products and committed work force.”

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