Changes at Corrugated Case Co

Tony Hession, CEO of Chesterfield, UK-based The Corrugated Case Co, has confirmed that there are about to be some changes within the Board of Directors. Hession is now taking on the role of Chairman as he looks to take a step back from day to day operations. The current Managing Director, Mark Wilcockson, will be taking on the role as CEO and the recently appointed Sales Director, Mike Hartley, is being promoted to Managing Director.

“We have decided that I should take something of a back seat and moving to the position of Chairman with a total focus on future direction and strategy,” explains Hession. “Mike has brought with him a wealth of industry experience in technical areas, plant and machinery and perhaps most impressively his ability to communicate at all levels and we believe he can play a leading role in our next phase of development.”

The company continues to invest heavily, having seen the arrival of a Baysek 1700 die-cutter; a Fidea automatic double sided tape applicator is being installed in September, followed by a new pallet handling line and pallet strapper, ready for installation during the Christmas shut down. “All this added to our new warehousing and distribution site means there is plenty for Mark, Mike and the team to exploit during the coming 12 months or so,” concludes Hession.

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