Change of Managing Director at IST METZ

Since January 2022, Christian-Marius Metz and Tim Sterbak jointly steered the fortunes of the UV specialist, IST METZ GmbH. With effect from January 1, 2023, Sterbak is now the sole managing director. Christian-Marius Metz will in future focus on his work in the holding company.

Tim Sterbak, Managing Director, IST METZ GmbH.

Since November 2012, Metz, grandson of company founder Gerhard Metz, has been part of the management team. “I have full confidence that Tim will continue to lead the fortunes as he did last year. During our close cooperation, he has proven that he not only acts with heart and mind, but also has the right sense of proportion to make the right decisions,” says Metz. “Of course, I will remain connected with the company, take part in management meetings and provide advice and support.”

Sterbak adds, “We are a strong management team, from which Christian-Marius Metz is leaving socially, but not operationally. Our business development shows that we are on the right track.”

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