Challenge Packaging join forces with new carbon partner, Auditel

Challenge Packaging has confirmed that they have joined forces with their new Carbon Partner, Auditel, to deliver on their objective of becoming Verified Carbon Neutral to PAS 2060 and be one of the first in the packaging industry to reaching Net Zero.

“Challenge Packaging inherently has always been a manufacturer of sustainable products that can be recycled making us a strong partner to any of our customers who care about our environment,” comments Simon Allen, Managing Director. “We are not just interested in short-term commercial success, but as a family company, we have our eyes set firmly on the future and thinking very much about the generations to come. Ultimately, we want to be judged by our actions. We believe that acting sustainably and reducing our carbon emissions are the right way to go as we believe the economy and ecology are intrinsically linked. We have partnered with Auditel to support the first steps of our journey towards a carbon neutral business and reach that goal of reducing our carbon footprint.”

He concludes, “Achieving our ISO 14001 certification didn’t massively change our approach or our mentality – we have always cared about the environment and our impact on it. Instead, it puts our money where our mouth is and drives us further and further each year to become more and more environmentally and socially conscious.”

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