CGW achieves another milestone

In 2019, CGW will increase its consumption of energy from renewable sources used in the production of paper and board to 35%. The current output from the factory equates to 180,000 tonnes of paper and 300 million sqm of corrugated board. 

In line with its stated objective of ‘zero process waste by 2022’, CGW has constructed an innovative heat exchange system with a local company to use the heat energy released by their incineration of waste materials. Flamoval and CGW has entered in to a partnership agreement that will secure this source of energy for the next 20 years.

As the initiator of this partnership, CGW has created a recycling loop which will have major long term environmental benefits. CGW’s paper mills process 600 tonnes of locally sourced waste paper to produce pulp. In doing so, it accumulates waste products that can be found in collected papers. This amounts to approximately 10,000 tonnes per year. A major part of this solid waste will now be incinerated by the CVEF, who will send the steam generated back to CGW for use in their paper making process.

This investment of €11.4m will reduce annual carbon emissions by 22,000 tonnes, showing that although the company was created in 1897, it has evolved and developed a cutting edge system which will have a major ongoing positive impact on the environment now and in the coming years, ensuring a sustainable future for its employees and customers alike.


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