Cepi welcomes its newest member

Cepi has welcomed a new member, CSAOSZ, the Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling.

CSAOSZ represents more than 70 members in all types of packaging and from across the entire packaging value chain, from machine producers to distributors, including packaging material manufacturers and recyclers. This integrated approach to the representation of the sector is also very close to the one taken by Cepi at European level to strengthen the influence of the paper and cardboard packaging sector by allowing it to speak with one voice.

Environmental compliance holds an important place in the activities of the association. CSAOSZ longstanding environmental committee, having been founded in 1993, is practically as old as the association itself and CSAOSZ’s president Attila Bencs holds a seat at the Hungarian National Environmental Council. Hungary is at the forefront of green packaging, with a large number of plastic items including expanded polystyrene foam food containers and cups having been banned by the government from last July, in line with EU legislation.

Cepi was a perfect match for CSAOSZ, its members’ interests extending beyond the borders of Hungary, the association counts several large multinationals in its membership, and with the growing influence of EU environmental, climate and energy law on the sector. Cepi works hand in hand with the national member associations it represents, and which cover, in between other areas of the EU, the entire central European region including Hungary.

CSAOSZ members plan to take an active role in Cepi’s standing committees, which take long-term strategic perspectives on the issues affecting the industry, and include the Environment and Safety, Climate Change and Energy, Forest and Recycling committees.

“CSAOSZ is very proud to have become a member of CEPI, one of the most prestigious European confederations. We would like to share our motto: packaging protects, informs and saves the environment,” said Attila Bencs, President, CSAOSZ.

“Cepi is looking forward to an active participation from CSAOSZ, and we particularly value the large expertise our newest member has in the dynamic sector of packaging and its approach to it as an integrated value chain,” added Jori Ringman, General Director, Cepi.

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